Specialized repair service

Specialized repair service

In the spindle field, there are various types including belt type, coupling type, and built-in motor type to mention a few.

In addition, there are varieties of spindle brands including those from Japan, Switzerland, and Germany which all need high technology.

All kinds of spindles -milling, grinding, boring, engraving, etc. -always need repair and service for maintenance. In general, major spindle and machine manufacturers repair their spindles with their own facilities.

But due to a constantly rising demand, and the more individual developments of the machine and equipment, Deuschle was challenged to offer a new service concept.

“Extend limit of service, not only manufacturer”. We offer a more rational repair cost through our more logical and honest analysis of our customer’s side.

But this is not an easy challenge because of the extensive variety of spindles and brands.

Deuschle does this with 50 years of field experiences and professional knowledge.
Nowadays, our activities are in the metalworking industry, the electrical and electronic industry, the wood and plastic industry, and medical industry.

Deuschle Spindle Service came to Korea.
With our German-trained technicians, high-tech systems directly from Europe, and live-contact feed with Germany, Deushcle Korea is prepared for precise analysis, reasonable pricing, and prompt delivery dates.

And spindle users in Korea, and by extension Asia, you don’t need to worry about spindle repair and service anymore.
Working with spindles that have all kinds of ball bearings is our niche. Check out our services for yourselves.
We are here!


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