CEO Message

CEO Message

Excellent Quality thanks to experienced Technology on Precision Parts.

Deuschle Korea Ltd. is a competent Asian service center which is well equipped with all the necessary system required for spindle repair works.

With the development of industrial production, many spindles from world-leading spindle manufacturers are presently in use in the Korean market and throughout Asia as well. So far most users have had to send spindles back abroad for repairs. But there have been a lot of difficulties with this complicated process.

Since being founded in 1966 in Germany, Deuschle Spindle-Service GmbH has specialized in the repair service of various spindles, and has acquired the highest technical knowledge and core know-how on the spindle mechanism itself.

Thanks to a good partnership together with Deuschle Spindle-Service GmbH, an Asian Service Center has been established in Korea. As a result, Deuschle Korea Ltd. is in a good position to produce reliable improvements in time, cost, distribution systems, and many other difficulties in practical operation for all customers.

Now, please ask us for your spindle repair and you enjoy the following advantages.

  • Moderate cost and shortened lead-time for spindle repair compared to receiving the service in overseas.
  • Assurance of excellent quality of spindles after repair due to the highest technology level equal to that of Deuschle Spindle-Service GmbH.
  • Easier management of spindles after repair service.
  • Timely and live response on every on-site difficulty and requirement from customers.

In keeping with the business philosophy of Deuschle Spindle-Service GmbH, Deuschle Korea Ltd. will maintain a respectable and wholesome moral environment. We are also willing to provide excellent quality, reasonable pricing, and respect our customers in a trustworthy corporate culture.

We greatly appreciate the kind encouragement and friendly support extended to us for the growth of Deuschle Korea Ltd. Please feel free to contact us at any time for your spindle-related inquiries. We the staff of Deuschle Korea Ltd. will do our utmost to provide reliable and satisfactory service straight from a sincere heart to our customers. Always.
Thank you.



Deuschle Korea Ltd.
CEO Woo-Seok Heo, Jonathan Deuschle
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Deuschle Korea Ltd. ㅣ CEO : Woo-Seok Heo, Jonathan Deuschle

104-1112, SK Ventium, 166, Gosan-ro, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel : +82-31-436-2252(General), +82-31-436-2253
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